Our process

We never compromise on how we do things, because it ensures that we deliver and create the results that you and your business expect from us. We are experts in all aspects of the employment process, and we don’t just send anyone – rather, we guarantee that you’ll be met with a top-qualified and motivated employee, who has the skills and the experience necessary to get the job done.


The first step in our screening process is a phone interview. The preliminary interviews identify the candidate’s personal, formal, and professional qualifications with regard to the requirements of the position. We also collect personal information for recruitment purposes as well as relevant material such as diplomas, certificates, criminal records, references and the like.

With the candidate’s consent, Xterna collect at least two references from former employers. The references are a supplement that ensures a more nuanced image of the candidate’s general demeanor, efforts, presentation skills, and results.

We are very thorough in our validation of the candidate’s certificates and diplomas and evaluate these according to current standards. This is an important part of our screening process.

When the company has chosen the right candidate, we handle the formal procedure with regard to pay negotiation, contract, and general terms of employment before the final contract is signed.

At Xterna we take care of all the practical details related to contract, labor union, work wear and tools, taxes, and health insurance.


The first step in the recruitment process is establishing your company’s needs and exactly what kind of candidate you are looking to hire.

Every recruitment process is based on a close dialogue between us and your company. Together we go over your company’s profile and your specific requirements for a new employee and his or her personal and professional skills. Once we’ve matched expectations, we take over and handle the entire recruitment process, so you can get back to focusing on your day-to-day business.

The best candidates for the position will be presented. The presentation of each candidate will show an overview of his or her professional experience, degrees, personality, and CV. Then it is up to your company to discuss the candidates and choose one for the job, after which we will set up a meeting with the candidate. Once the final choice has been made, we will contact the remaining candidates with a personal rejection.

After a thorough reference check, assessment, and screening, the right candidate will be offered the position, and we will then handle the formal procedure regarding pay, contract, and terms of employment. After that, the contract is ready to be signed and confirmed. The recruitment is not finalized until the signed contract has been received.

We follow up throughout the process and evaluate the candidate in terms of overall work effort, job satisfaction, and general conditions of employment.

Job seeker

Xterna can help you find accommodation near the workplace.

We are glad to help foreign candidates handle legal documents such as tax card, health insurance card, residence permit, NemID, and NemKonto.

Xterna can help find a transportation solution to make the commute to work as smooth and easy as possible.

We are always available to assist if urgent or challenging situations occur, for instance in relation to employment terms, pay, leave, social events etc.

At Xterna we keep in contact with our employees during their time of employment to make sure that both parties are satisfied with the employment.


At Xterna A/S we handle all personal data in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Danish Data Protection act.

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