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We are problem solvers, and we thrive on results. On helping our clients strengthen their workforce through competent and talented employees – when they succeed, we succeed. We are happy to meet for a non-binding talk about how our staffing and recruitment solutions can help your business.

We are Xterna

And we are where we are today because our motivation and our commitment to changing the general perception of temporary workers and staffing solutions have been the driving factor from day one. Our drive comes from many years in an industry that deserves a lot more flexibility, responsiveness, and quality.

Our approach to and attitude towards helping companies find and hire extra staff for a limited or longer period of time, comes from our background in the industry.

At Xterna we believe that we can create a different view on staffing services through a process that ensures mutual respect and satisfaction. Xterna is the binding link between employer and employee, and we commit to making a match that will foster results and a professional relation based on trust.

“It is of utmost importance that we can maintain our clients and ensure that they experience the value of a perfect fit between company and staff. Once we have established a long-term partnership and truly know each other, we are able to match the company with the right candidates much more effectively. This is why long-term customer relations are one of our most important criteria of success”.
Derek Madden, CEO, Xterna

Our experience tells us that high quality and optimum results come from a collaborative partnership that is built on open-mindedness, a clear and serious strategy, and a positive attitude – and we are not afraid to demand this of our customers, our people, and ourselves.

Derek Madden

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Mikkel Jespersen

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Christian Frydenlund

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Katrine Frydenlund

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Santa Svare

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John Skaanning

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John Ravn Johnsen

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With the right qualifications, focus on the job at hand, and stability we can ensure that deadlines and budget are met and that the end-result lives up to the expectations of all parties. We set high standards for ourselves as well as our partners, so we can reach our common goals – and create internal value in the client’s projects, day-to-day business, and company with focus on professional competence, quality, and reliability of delivery.


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